LA Movers Offer 3 Tips for Packing a Bedroom

Packing a bedroom is one of the most exhausting tasks during a move. Bedrooms are large rooms and they are usually packed with a multitude of objects, starting from small, personal items to large furniture pieces. If you are not very careful and you are not experienced, you will lose precious time packing this room.


But you can always call the experts to get the job done. Professional moving services are available all over the state of California. Still, if you choose to work alone, LA movers offer 3 tips for packing a bedroom.

1)      Preliminary preparations must be done with several days ahead.  You must register each items that will be transported and write additional notes (if you need special containers, if one of its components is damaged).  Also, sort all your items and get rid of unwanted items. If you want to earn a buck or two, organize a garage sell. Here you can sell old clothes, different accessories, shoes, lamps, furniture items and so on.

2)      Make sure that you have all the adequate packing materials.  Each item must benefit of maximum protection.  Sofas and upholsteries must be protected with mattress covers. Furniture must be dismantled, if possible and components must be placed in medium sized boxes.  Do not forget to place all the nuts and bolts in plastic sealing bags.

On the list of packing supplies you must include: boxes, sealing plastic bags, bubble wrap, markers, sealing tape, packing peanuts, plastic mattress covers, shrinking wrap and furniture pads.

3)      Pack everything carefully.  Remove the legs of furniture items before transporting and dismantle all the heavy items, if possible. Each component must be carefully wrapped, packed and labeled.  Add cushioning layers on the bottom and top of each box. Fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts. Make sure that the item is fixed inside the box.

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